About Global Outlook

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For the eleventh year running, Global Outlook Norway gathers eminent speakers to give a global perspective on international affairs and business trends

What are the important global trends, threats and opportunities linked to resource scarcity, climate change, shifts in energy markets, sustainable investments and sustainable innovation. Join Global Outlook Norway to find the answers.

Topics include geopolitics, demographics, access to resources, sustainable solutions, shifts in the energy market, emergence of disruptive technologies, organizational development, leadership and reflective thinking, all of which have a direct impact on business, academics and public policy.

Global Outlook Norway aims to strengthen the role of business leaders, politicians and academics, as well as the entire business and academic community, by increasing awareness of the global trends that directly or indirectly affect the business landscape. Businesses can and should play a leading role in shaping the global and regional industrial agendas. Global outlook aims to inform and strengthen leaders thereby empowering them in the role of creating the future.



Global Outlook commenced in 2014 as a joint initiative between three business clusters in Agder (GCE NODE, Eyde and Maritimt Forum Sør) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. From 2016 the partnership was expanded to include The Norwegian Shipping Association and The Federation of Norwegian Industries. From its start, Global Outlook aimed at raising awareness of global megatrends affecting business and illuminating new cutting-edge technologies, systems, ideas and other relevant initiatives and solutions that support business leaders, politicians and academics to successfully navigate the changing global landscape. The conference was inspired by the yearly World Economic Forum in Davos, and was labeled internally as “Norway´s Davos”. Global Outlook Norway is not just a conference. It is also an important meeting place for business leaders and society actors.

The first two years, Global Outlook was arranged back-to-back with Arendalsuka while the past two years it has been part of the official Arendalsuka program. Arendalsuka is a well-known week-long event with political and societal debates taking place in Arendal, Norway every year in August.

The previous years, Global Outlook Norway has put on stage speakers such as Zanny Minton Beddoes (The Economist), Børge Brende, Sony Kapoor (Re-Define), Ian Dale (GE), Matt Rogers (McKinsey), Chen Xi (Elkem, Viking), Vandana Shiva (International Forum in Globalization), Kevin Moss (WRI), Carsten Beck (Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies), Sarah Ladislaw (Centre for Strategic and International Studies), amongst several more.

Global Outlook Norway 2023 is hosted by Eyde-klyngen, GCE NODE, UiA, Arendals Fossekompani and GARD.