18 June 2015

David Jarvis

David Jarvis Photo

David Jarvis, Head of Strategic & Emerging Technologies at ESA. Project manager Amaze (3D)


Professor David  Jarvis  is Head of Strategic & Emerging Technologies at the
European  Space  Agency  (ESA), and he is responsible for €125 million of R&D
activity and a team of 12 managers and research fellows.

Professor Jarvis has 13   years’  experience  conceiving,  assembling  and  managing  large-scale, international  consortia  of academic and industrial scientists in the fields
of  new  materials,  advanced manufacturing and energy research.

This entails the co-development of strategic technologies, with universities and companies
in  many  different  sectors  such  as  space, aeronautics, automotive, power generation,  chemical,  security and nuclear fusion.

Prof Jarvis holds a BEng and  PhD  from  Swansea  University, UK. He has published about 25 scientific papers  and made numerous patent applications in materials and manufacturing.
In  2012,  Professor  Jarvis  was  elected  as  a foreign member of the Royal
Swedish  Academy  of  Engineering  Sciences (IVA).

He is also the Chairman of Metallurgy Europe, a one billion euro programme on metals research.


The AMAZE project – Additive Manufacturing Aiming Towards Zero Waste & Efficient Production of High-Tech Metal Products