18 June 2015

Ian Dale

Ian Dale Photo

Ian Dale, General Electric

Ian Dale, General Manager, Global Supply Chain – Core Imaging

Life Sciences, GE Healthcare

Responsible for GSC Core Imaging, Contrast Media, SPECT and PET segments, spanning 8 manufacturing sites and 40 Radiopharmacy and PET sites globally.


•Joined GE Healthcare (Amersham) in 2003 as Head of Engineering within the MI-SPECT business based at the Grove Centre.
•In 2007 moved to run the European Nuclear and PET Supply Chain and then added the European Radio-pharmacies in 2008.
•In 2009 his role focussed on PET GSC globally including the preparation for approval of Vizamyl
•In 2013 Ian moved to look after the Contrast Media Manufacturing facilities in Norway, Ireland and China.
•In 2014 moved to his current role as GM Global Supply Chain Core Imaging.


Prior to joining GE, Ian held Engineering leadership roles at Jacobs Engineering, Guinness and Novartis.  Ian holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Chemical and Minerals Engineering from University of Birmingham.


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