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Anita Pratap (Moderator)

Anita 2022

Anita Pratap is an award-winning international journalist, author and documentary filmmaker, having worked in Asia, Middle East, Europe and the United States. 

She was CNN’s South Asia Bureau Chief; worked for Time Magazine and leading Indian media. She is a speaker at global conferences organized by the UN, Governments, conglomerates, universities and think tanks on war, terrorism, media, politics, inequality, diversity, women, environment and democracy. 

An instant bestseller, her first book “Island of Blood” released by Penguin sold out in six days, creating publishing history. She received many awards, including the coveted American George Polk Award for her coverage in CNN of Kabul’s takeover by the Taliban.  She won the Chameli Devi Jain Award for her “sensitive portrayal of the human condition”. She is Contributing Editor for the "The Week" magazine, a Board Member of the Switzerland-based Women’s International Network as well as the Vienna-headquartered Women Without Borders.