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Pratap Soreide
16 August 2019

- Normal is over

The theme for the annual Global Outlook, which kickstarted Arendalsuka, hit the nerve with a packed Arendal Kulturhus.

Anita Pratap (1)
09 July 2019

Business as unusual

We ask fasilitator at this years Global Outlook, Anita Pratap, how business can lead to a more sustainable world. 

07 August 2018

- We must stand together

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ine Marie Eriksen Søreide, presented her perspectives on the important geo-political trends of our times when she spoke at the Global Outlook conference at Arendalsuka Monday. But first, we had a little chat about what she is going to do with Trump´s trade war. 

Geanne vArkel (25)
09 August 2018

- Sustainability is the smartest business strategy there is

Geanne van Arkel, Head of Sustainable Development in Interface, believes that we will only be able to engage people in solving global warming when we take a positive approach. And by creating a sustainable business strategy. Monday you can hear her speaking at Global Outloook.

anita pratap
08 August 2018

- Big business is a problem, and a problem-solver (2018)

Much of the problem is caused by big business, believes the award-winning international journalist, author and documentary filmmaker, Anita Pratap. But she also thinks that business can play a big role in the solutions they can offer in terms of innovation, technology and skills.

And by the way, she draws similarities between Norwegians and the Japanese. 

Global Outlook 2015 26
21 August 2015

Global success in 2015

Global Outlook Norway 2015 was a big success, Around 150 registered guests attended the conference at Tyholmen Hotel in Arendal. Speaker David John Jarvis talked about the quality with 3D-printing in the industry.