16 August 2019

Global Outlook 2019 - Normal is over

Pratap Soreide

The theme for the annual Global Outlook in 2019, which kickstarted Arendalsuka, hit the nerve with a packed Arendal Kulturhus.

The conference title “Normal is over” had several high-level names on its poster where Minister of Foreign Affairs Ine Eriksen Søreide had the opening speech. Søreide highlighted the need to stand together to fight off nationalistic tendencies and the need for cooperation to save the planet.


-          How do we navigate when normal is over, the minister of Foreign Affairs asks and alerts the crowd to the reality of these changing times.

The Climate change issue is the major change affecting us nationally and sets the premises for the political life.

-          We must be prepared for changes, and the key is to build a robust community, the Foreign minister says.

Søreide mentions the importance of membership in international organizations, multilateral companies and global communities as factors that can help create common rules and increased stability.

Defend the values

-          The Nordic model is created through cooperation. We must continue to fight for the values we created in 1945. We must show willingness to engage, the Minister of Foreign Affairs say, and adds that the Nordic countries must strengthen the relationship with USA to underline our work towards a common good.

-          We have to put forward our values, and most importantly – not alone where Søreides remarks on adaption to a new world.

Facilitator Anita Pratap followed up by reminding us that what was normal yesterday can be completely wrong today.

-          “Normal” is like a program on the washing machine. An average goal. Yesterday it was normal to throw plastic in the ocean, today it is a crime she points out.

Eivind Gard Lund and Kjersti Bruborg who works at Gard AS was impressed with Global Outlooks program. It was their first time visiting the conference which their employer encourages them to visit.

-          It is exciting to listen to people’s thoughts on the future, says Bruborg


You can watch the conference in full here.