09 July 2019

Business as unusual

Anita Pratap (1)

We ask fasilitator at this years Global Outlook, Anita Pratap, how business can lead to a more sustainable world. 

- It’s not a question of can, but business MUST take the lead to a more sustainable world, says Anita Pratap.

The key to stability


Business activities have contributed to the planet in crisis, whether it is pollution, carbon emissions or depletion of resources. Those who pretend there is no crisis and continue with their Business as Usual approach are doomed to extinction. Sustainability is the key to stability and longevity. Instead of seeing the crisis as a threat, it is smarter to see the need for change as a business opportunity. It is an opportunity to come up with new products, procedures, innovation and solutions that create new markets, increase profits, earn public good will and protect the planet so that future generations too can enjoy what we inherited, says Anita Pratap.


New insights

She has won lots of prizes for covering the Taliban takeover of Kabul and have received the Lifetime Award for Journalism in 2007. This years Global Outlook has the underline "Normal is over", and Prataps involvement in how the world is changing and her wish to bring the truth from the field, is why she has a strong believe in how Global Outlook can give you a new perspective. 

- With Global Outlook you get refreshing new insights from global experts. It’s inspiring, says Pratap and continues:

- Great ideas spring from two sources – nature and human interactions. Studies show that great art or music or scientific discoveries are made when people from diverse backgrounds come together and interact. At Global Outlook you get ideas and trends from experts with different backgrounds from different parts of the world. It sparks new thoughts, new ideas. Ideas, innovation, insights – all start  in the mind.

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