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Maryna Saprykina

Maryna Saprikina 1

Maryna Saprykina, Chairwoman for CSR Ukraine, a non-profit organization in Ukraine. She's a certified expert in sustainability. 

Maryna Saprykina is Chairwoman for CSR Ukraine, a non-profit organization in Ukraine. 

She is a board member for SOS Children’s Village Ukraine.  

A certified expert in sustainability, BHR and D&I, a fellow of WBCSD LEAD Program for women-leaders in sustainability (2023).

She holds an Executive MBA Degree (Sheffield, UK).  

An author of the 5-component war time sustainability model for companies. 

In 2022, as a response to the full-fledgedinvasionlaunched a U&WeHub, a program for Ukrainian displaced women with the goal to help 10000 women to start or restart their social businesses.

Saprykina won the Nordic Business Forum Speaker Contest earlier this year (2023).